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Ahşap arka planda Zeytin


Image by Yan Ots


We provide  2 kinds of olive oil:

1) Light tasted, low acidic, Northern Aegean olive oil. Best for cooking and fries.

2) Strong tasted, olive smelling, highly acidic Southern Aegean olive oil. Good for consuming raw.

All our olive oils are made in Turkey.

All necessary documents for export are available upon request. Private label production is welcome. 

İş Yerinde Arılar


Image by Yan Ots

We provide two types of honey;

1) Natural Honey : Raw, just filtered, acacia honey

2) Infused Honey : Ginger, turmeric, lavender, mint, lemon, basil infused honeys.

High quality, reasonable prices.

Made in India.

All documents regarding to production, factory, health and export are available.

Bademli kurabiye


Image by Yan Ots

- High quality original Danish Butter Cookies. Packaging options and metal boxes are available.

- Atta Biscuits.

- Local Indian Tastes.

Reasonable prices. High quality production. Great taste. Visually satisfying packaging. 

Granola Yoğurdu


Image by Yan Ots

- Superfood Cookies : with berries, seeds, natural herbs, multigrain or other healthy ingredients.

- Superfood Smoothie Premixes

- Digestive Cookies, High-Fibre Cookies

- Gluten Free Cookies 

- Health Bars

-Gluten Free Protein Power Balls and Slices

- Immunity Booster Foods

- Rusk

- Peanuts

- Foxnuts

Other options are available.

All products are made in India's best factories and got international taste awards.

Reasonable prices.

Visually satisfying high quality packaging.

All certificates are available.

Kuru Meyve Standı


Image by Yan Ots

- Dried Vegetables : Eggplant, green pepper, mushroom, celery root, celery leafs, radish, broccoli, leek, red beet, courgette, capia pepper, tomato, carrot, squash, potato, cabbage, ginger.

- Dried Fruits : Strawberry, banana, melon, apple, orange, mandarin, lemon, apricot, black currant, fig, peach, watermelon, kiwi, olive.

-Dried Herbs  : Parsley, dill, rose, alcea, jasmine, lavender, safflower, hibiscus, green tea, spinach.

- Others : Dried yoghurt, dried cheese.

Either made in Turkey and India. High quality ingredients are available in various grinded sizes. Fruits are also available as chips. All required certificates to export are available. 

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