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We provide either synthetic and mineral oil, in various quality and price options. 

All our products are available in 1lt,3lt, 4lt, 5lt, 7lt,14 kg, 20 kg, 175 kg.

Gasoline and Diesel Oils

0W 20, 0W 30

5W 30, 5W 40

10W 30, 10W 40

15W 40

20W 50

Grease and Transmission Oils

ATF Steering Oil

High Pressure Resistant Gear Oil

80W/90EP GL-5 Gear Oil

75W90 Gear Oil

422 GL-5 Tractor Transmission Oil

Hydraulic System Oils

Red Grease

Rubber Grease

Lithium Grease

Dot 4

Dot 3

Motorcycle 4T 15W/40 SYN

Motorcycle 4T 10W/40 SYN





We also provide automotive chemicals such as anti-freeze, spare part cleaner sprays and brake pad cleaner sprays. 

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